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I especially recommend the room dedicated to Edward Hopper, the American painter who was the master of painting the everyday life and solitude of the individual in modern society. You can see his refined use of color and light in all his canvases, but I encourage you to linger over “Hotel by a Railroad”, in which a man is standing in front of a window, a common feature of Hopper’s canvases, looking out into the nothingness, uninterested in his companion who is reading on the sofa. Take a look at “Eleven A.M” too, which, while it is one of the artist’s first paintings, already shows many of the features that dominate his work: the subject, a woman in this instance, is in front of a window flooded with light, solitude and a bare room.


Interesting fact: Edward Hopper’s sense of color was so sophisticated that many film directors have tried to imitate it. Alfred Hitchcock was inspired by his “House by the Railroad” for the house in Psycho, while Ridley Scott has said that the photography and lighting in Blade Runner are nods to the artist’s paintings.

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