BEIHAI PARK, Tour Part 2

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This marvelous park offers you the opportunity to admire numerous fine gardens, such as Hao Pu Creek Garden.

Created in 1757 by Emperor Qianlong, this is one of the finest gardens in China. 'Hao' and 'Pu' were the names of two ancient Chinese rivers, and this romantic garden was designed to appear like a deep valley with rivers running through it, crossed by large and small bridges.

Another attractive garden is the nearby Quiet Heart Studio, created during the Ming dynasty and later expanded. This garden is home to many magnificent palaces, pavilions, towers, halls, artificial hills and numerous artistically arranged stones.  

A magnificent work you really mustn’t miss is the famous Nine Dragon Screen, the only one in China depicting nine huge dragons on both sides. Built in 1756, it is about 27 meters long and more than 6 meters high, and is made up of 424 glazed tiles in seven colors, portraying nine massive dragons and many other dragons of various sizes, for a total of 635 figures. Although it is about 200 years old, its splendor remains untarnished.

I also suggest you visit the Five Dragon Pavilions, with spires and upswept eaves that from a distance resemble a huge dragon. They were built in 1602, but repaired several times during the Qing dynasty.

Half of these splendid pavilions are built over the water, and linked to dry land by small wooden and stone bridges. The eaves and pillars are decorated with delightful carvings and paintings.

Next to the Pavilions, don’t miss the fabulous Temple of Paradise, built by Emperor Qianlong for his mother’s birthday. It will take your breath away!

This luxurious, elaborate building covers an area of 1246 square meters. It is the largest in the world built in Fang Ting style, and is entirely surrounded by water.

An interesting fact: the Temple of Paradise once contained 5000 gold statues of Buddha, all of which have now been stolen.


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