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Scarica MyWoWo! La Travel App che ti racconta le meraviglie del mondo!

Professional audio content in English by MyWoWo

The app already has hundreds of audio files in your own language that will tell you about the wonders of the following cities in a fun and simple way at an exceptional price!



  • You can use the content on your device even when your smartphone or tablet is offline
  • Our content is focused on the main concepts that each work features, is interpreted in a simple way for both young and adult audiences, and each audio guide lasts just a few minutes
  • Every audio guide finishes off with a fun fact about the work that you're admiring, they're all quite interesting and strange, and will fascinate you or make you laugh
  • All the content is recorded by specialized professionals and is available in several foreign languages


  • There are no limits to the wonders we describe
  • You don't have to book a guide or stand on a long line to rent any equipment, like with traditional audio guides
  • You aren't forced to stop at fixed posts with phones or stand in front of multimedia totems to listen to our content
  • You don't have to leave your ID card anywhere as a guarantee that you'll return an audio device... Because "the device" is yours!


  • Downloading the App is free*
  • Listen to all the audio content free for 30 seconds, or purchase all the audio content of the city you're interested in at an exceptional price!

*(excluding the cost of connecting to the internet and downloading data that is connected to your internet service provider).

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