EATALY SMERALDO (SPONSORED), Ground Floor Bakery And Oils

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At the back of this floor, you’ll also find a huge selection of oils and vinegars from all over Italy.

As you know, oil is one of the products that Italy is known for all over the world, given the number of producers and the many different kinds that are still made using traditional methods in almost every region in Italy.

In this area, make sure you pay a visit to the Eataly bakery, one of the most important sections for our brand.

Eataly bread is made using Mulino Marino flours, all of which are organic and ground on natural stone.

Eataly bread is baked several times a day, and if you’re lucky, you might be drawn here by the magnificent aroma. You’ll find a wide variety: bread with walnuts, seeds, or whole meal made with Enkir, an ancient grain, and many others that I recommend you try!

The bread here is prepared using mother yeast and sel de Guérande, a natural sea salt from the Guérande peninsula in France: unrefined, additive-free and dried in the sun. In keeping with tradition, all the breads are then baked in wood-burning ovens.

If you’re a bread enthusiast, I suggest you try the Rustic variety, a simple variety that is both crisp and leavened to perfection. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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