EATALY SMERALDO (SPONSORED), Ground Floor - Fruit And Vegetables Ice Cream Pastries Pizza Alla Pala

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The moment you enter, look up and admire the posters of the most famous artists who have performed in Teatro Smeraldo.

Immediately on your right is the information desk, where we provide visitors with everything they need to know about Eataly: the products, the restaurants, and the layout of the place.

Just beyond the cash registers, you’ll find a huge market, lit by the splendid natural light of Milan. You’ll see the fruit and vegetable section, as well as all sorts of items such as breadsticks, sauces, drinks, pasta, rice, cookies, cakes and chocolates, and savory and sweet specialties.

The vegetable market is run by Ortobra group, and sells a full range of seasonal fruits and vegetables grown in Italy. Ortobra is completely different from a traditional greengrocer, and is a highly ambitious project that selects the best kinds of fruits and vegetables and sells them at sustainable prices, providing customers with the history and particular features of the produce and following the “good, clean and fair” principle. Above all, this section seeks to offer customers top-quality produce from small farmers from all over Italy, selecting them over large-scale, standardized fruit and vegetable companies.


Next to this, you’ll also find the area dedicated to “short breaks”.

You shouldn’t miss Soban, which was awarded the “three cone” status in 2018 by Gambero Rosso that only the finest ice cream parlors in Italy can aspire to. Thanks to the quality and flavors of Soban made from the finest ingredients, and the variety of ice cream cakes, granitas, chilled desserts and cassatas, you really will be spoilt for choice here.

Right next to the ice cream is the pastry counter, accompanied by the finest blends of Caffè Lavazza, ready for you to enjoy with an impressive selection of brioches, as well as toasted sandwiches and mini focaccias for those who prefer a savory breakfast or snack.

Next to the cafe counter, a large oven dominates the area dedicated to Pizza alla Pala, or paddle pizza which is cooked on a wooden paddle and topped with a variety of cold cuts, vegetables, cheeses and other ingredients of your choice. The pizza we prepare here is unique, made with Mulino Marino organic flours and dough made using our mother yeast and left to rest for at least 18 hours.

Enjoy these delicacies at the marvelous Kauri table, designed by Riva and made from ancient New Zealand wood from the world’s largest trees!

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