TEMPLE OF APOLLO-REGIO VII, Temple D'apollon-Regio Vii

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The Temple or Sanctuary of Apollo is one of the oldest buildings in Pompeii, probably constructed under the influence of populations of Greek or Etruscan origin who settled here before the Romans.

It was during the archaeological excavations that artifacts such as vases and votive objects, dating back as far as the sixth century BC, were discovered. These objects are currently kept in the Archaeological Museum of Naples. It was not until three centuries later, however, that the temple whose remains you can admire today took shape, a building that underwent several modifications over time.

Before the eruption, this magnificent building, built in an elevated position on a pediment, had an imposing double colonnade with columns, decorated by statues of gods such as Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, and Hermes, the messenger of the gods, also transferred to the museum in Naples. In the temple, however, you can admire copies of two of the original statues depicting Apollo and Diana.

Surrounding the elevated part of the temple, which you can discern thanks to the access staircase preceded by an altar, was the outermost portico. Around this space there were originally several entrances, later reduced to one. At some point, the arcade was then bordered on one side by a wall separating the place of worship from the houses built nearby.

You should know that when the temple dedicated to Jupiter was erected, the Sanctuary of Apollo lost importance and its size was reduced, but the Ludi Apollinari festivities dedicated to the God Apollo, during which gladiatorial shows and theatrical performances took place, continued to be celebrated annually in Pompeii in July.


Here’s an interesting fact: almost all the names of Greek deities were changed in Roman worship, such as Zeus becoming Jupiter or Athena converted to Minerva.

Apollo and Aeolus are among the very rare exceptions to have retained their original names.



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