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The Rest on the Flight into Egypt was painted around 1595; this is a masterpiece of Caravaggio's early works and perhaps his most poetic painting. He shows the Holy Family fleeing from the persecution of Herod, but this dramatic moment is almost magically suspended by the Lombard painter, with the family immersed in the light of sunset: it seems like time has stopped and nature itself is holding its breath to hear the notes of the angel/violinist. You can almost hear the sweet lullaby being played for the beautiful, tender baby Jesus, who's tightly embraced by the tired but affectionate Madonna.

The virtuoso soloist of the heavenly orchestra is young and slender, wrapped in a white tunic that seems to slip off his hips. And do you see the violent contrast between the angel and the rustic Saint Joseph holding the score, in addition to the donkey gazing through the brush? You'll never get sick of admiring this scene and discovering new details, each of which has been painted with infinite care, while never losing touch with the group of central figures.

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