YOYOGI PARK, Yoyogi Park

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Hi, my name’s Jill, and I’m your personal guide. Along with MyWoWo, I’d like to welcome you to one of the Wonders of the World: Yoyogi-kōen.

Yoyogi-kōen is the fourth-largest park in Tokyo, and the most popular.

A road divides Yoyogi Park into two areas: the park itself and a smaller area with a stadium for track and field events, a soccer field and hockey pitch, an outdoor stage and other sports facilities.

If you’re interested in seeing how young people in Japan socialize and express themselves, in Tokyo fashion trends, or if you’d just like to spend a pleasant hour or so among drummers, dancers, jugglers, rock musicians and street artists, a visit to this busy, colorful park is a must; it’s great fun on Sundays in particular.

People come here to practice martial arts in groups, go jogging, sunbathe in the summer, enjoy a variety of sports activities and make friends.

You can have a picnic next to the pond, or rent a bike and cycle around the greenery of the park in search of your favorite form of entertainment, or, like most visitors, just take a leisurely stroll.

Yoyogi Park is located on the site where, on December 19th 1910, the first aircraft flight in Japan took place, by Captain Yoshitoshi Tokugawa. The area later became a military parade ground, and September 1945 saw the construction of the "Washington Heights" barracks, home to US Army officials during the post-war occupation of Japan.

In 1964, the area was used to build the athletes’ village for the Tokyo Olympics, and in 1967 most of the complex became the Yoyogi Park. The park was completed in 1990, with the addition of a water circuit and three fountains of between 15 and 30 meters high.


Let me leave you with an interesting fact: as a result of the long recession that has struck Japan, you’ll see a number of camps with homeless people around the park – you might be surprised at how quiet, tidy and clean they are.


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