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As soon as you enter the actual temple, you'll note that the interior has a very different style from the exterior: outside it's Neo-Renaissance, inside it's Neo-Gothic.

Look how slender and powerfully vertical the architectural structure is, which is divided into three naves and has the same elongated cross shape that you already saw in the crypt. Note also the striking contrast between the bare white wall and contrasting notes of almost fluorescent color that appear here and there, in addition to the beautiful effect of the gold leaves on the painted ceiling. These are inspired by the style of traditional Arabesque-style ceilings called "mudéjares".

To properly admire the "decorative rainbow", sit down on a bench near the main altar and take in the impressive green marble altar and precious Baroque sculpture of the "Crucified Christ" which stand out against the cathedral's background. The bright murals and stained glass windows made in 2004 will leave your mouth hanging wide open.

The seven murals represent the most important mysteries of salvation, and make up the so-called "crown of mysteries". Christ stands at its center with a majestic and severe attitude, in a pose that evokes the art of Orthodox churches, and he is holding an open book where we can read the inscription: "Love your enemies. I shall soon come!". This phrase refers to the day when Christ will return to earth for the Last Judgment.

The seven windows above the murals were made in Murano, are dedicated to the Word of God, and are written in different languages from Greek to Latin, from Hebrew to Syriac, and from Russian to Spanish.

And now look up at the starry sky of the central dome and once again, be amazed by the fanciful decoration symbolically depicting earth, sea, fire, and air.

FUN FACT: the crypt's tabernacle door has a pelican, which is an ancient symbol of the sacrament of Communion, as an animal who offers his own flesh as food throughout the world.

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