SFORZA CASTLE, Sempione Park - Arch Of Peace

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You're in the Arch of Peace Square, a monument which, just like the Arena dates back to Napoleon Bonaparte and was built in the early nineteenth century. As you can see, it has a magnificent group of sculptures in bronze with a chariot drawn by six horses. The marble statues and reliefs are a fine example of early nineteenth-century, neoclassical style sculpture. The entire Arch is inspired by the ancient Roman models.

Now look at those two low-rise buildings to the sides of the Arch, dating back to when Milan was an autonomous state: do you know what they were used for? They were customs buildings, where people paid taxes on goods entering the city.

While you're standing in the square, don't forget to admire Sempione Park's most famous view: with Sforza Castle in the background, appearing here as if it were framed between two black and white curtains. These curtains are a very original installation by the twentieth-century artist Alberto Burri, which he entitled Teatro Continuo. On the right you can see Park Tower, a metal tower 108 meters high.

Now pause the guide and go to the Triennial Palace.


The Triennial Building is an excellent example of rationalist architecture and decoration, and like the Park Tower was built in the 1830s. It is one of the most important locations in Italy for everything having to do with design. If you are passionate about design, you can visit one of the many exhibitions that have made the Triennial Palace famous throughout the world. Among other things, you can enjoy a snack here or eat a full lunch in a café overlooking the park: a rarity in Milan!

On the way back to the castle, one last surprise awaits you behind the Triennial Palace: there is a large pool with the fascinating "Mysterious Baths" sculptures. The fountain was designed by Giorgio De Chirico, one of the greatest Italian artists of the first half of the 1900s.


FUN FACT: did you know that you can go up Park Tower? From behind a glass wall, you can look over all of Milan. And if you're lucky enough to go there on a very clear day, you can see beyond the plains of Lombardy all the way to the Alps and the Apennines.

Thus ends our tour of Sforza Castle and the Park of Milan: MyWoWo thanks you, and will see you at the next Wonder of the World!





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