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From the fifteenth-century Neapolitan school, right at the time of the passage from the Angevins to the Aragonese, let me point out the mysterious Colantonio, perhaps the most interesting Neapolitan artist of the late-1400s, famous also as the master of Antonello da Messina. You'll see an extreme attention to detail in his paintings, but also an increasingly larger and surer sense of space and volume. His main work is the so-called Ancona dei Rocco painted for the altar of San Lorenzo Maggiore. Initially the painting had several different parts, but then it was separated and you can see only two panels here entitled: St. Jerome in His Study and Delivery of the Franciscan Rule.


FUN FACT: as I mentioned, little is known of the fifteenth-century painter Colantonio. But one thing is certain: he could copy any painting by any artist. In short, he was a great counterfeiter, one of the first in history!

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