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Alongside the sarcophagi, don’t forget to take a look at another two important pieces in the museum: the Male Torso found in the Stagnone Lagoon of Marsala, originally over 2 meters tall and dating to the same period and, above all, the huge 1.65-meter-tall statue of Zeus seated on his throne, a Greek masterpiece from the 2nd century BC.


An interesting fact: the Male Torso was found by chance in the shallow seas that separate the coast of Marsala from the islet of Mozia, where there was once a prosperous Phoenician colony. In 1933, while working on the pier, a group of workers noticed a large stone they feared might damage their boats, and attempted to break it up with iron lances, before realizing it was actually a statue. You can still see the holes they made in the sculpture!

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