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About halfway down Kalverstraat, a former orphanage is home to the lively, unpredictable Amsterdam Museum, which contains a huge, varied collection of artworks, relics and memorabilia of all kinds dedicated to the history of the city from its foundation in the 13th century up to the present day. The collection focuses in particular on the 17th century, the “Golden Age” of Amsterdam and the Netherlands, which had become a world power in international trade and explorations.

A must for any visitor to Amsterdam, the historical building housing the museum is divided into three floors, and the chronological and thematic exhibition is constantly being updated and enhanced with multimedia installations. Among the masterpieces you can admire is the fascinating – if indeed a little disquieting – Anatomy Lesson of Doctor Deijman, painted by Rembrandt in 1656.

Soccer fans will be particularly interested in the section dedicated to the formidable Ajax team captained by Johan Cruyff.

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