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The Esplanade, designed by two architecture firms, DP Architects of Singapore and Michael Wilford & Partners of London, consists of two large circular glass theaters, topped with a domed roof covered with more than seven thousand aluminum sunshades. From the design stage to the inauguration, the work took eight years, and the two theaters, which opened in 2002, now host concerts and performances all year round and are considered the most important cultural center in the city.

On the other side, to the east, you can spot the Flyer, the Ferris wheel of Singapore. A trip on it is the best way to enjoy views of the city and the bay.


An interesting fact: the locals call the Esplanade the Durian, because the roof resembles the tropical fruit of the same name with a spiky shell, very popular in Southeast Asia. The smell of this fruit, which can weigh up to three kilos, is so overpowering that many tourists cannot even come close to it, which explains why it is banned from many hotels.

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