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The White House has 132 rooms, including offices, 35 bathrooms, 412 doors, 147 windows, 8 staircases, 3 elevators, a bowling alley and a cinema, located on three floors. Outside there are tennis and basketball courts, a jogging track, a swimming pool and a golf course.


The presidential residence is located in the central part of the building, and comprises function rooms such as the Green Room, the Blue Room, or the State Dining Room and the family dining room. On the ground floor is the Reception Room, the Map Room, the China Room, the Vermeil Room, the library, the kitchen and a number of offices.


The second family residence includes the Yellow Oval Room, the Master Bedroom, the President’s Dining Room, the Treaty Room, the Lincoln Bedroom, three more bedrooms, a kitchen and a private sitting room.


On the third floor of the White House, there is a solarium, a games room, a laundry, a small kitchen and a study, which George W. Bush used as a gym. The presidential offices are located in the West Wing, while the rooms in the East Wing are used by the First Lady and her staff.

The interior design is for the most part the result of the restoration work ordered during John Kennedy’s presidency by his wife Jacqueline, who redecorated it throughout with fine fabrics, furniture and objects. However, each First Lady since has brought her own personal touch to the White House: Pat Nixon made changes to the Blue, Green and Red Rooms; Laura Bush had the furniture in the Lincoln Room replaced with period pieces, while Hillary Clinton engaged a renowned interior designer to modernize the residence.

Please note that a guided tour must be booked for visits, and visitors must of course show their passports.


An interesting fact: among the numerous hidden tunnels in the White House, one - which Ronald Reagan had built in 1987 - starts out from the Oval Office. It is opened by pushing a panel on the wall, and leads to a stairway, which in turn leads to an elevator that goes down into the underground bunkers.


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