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Within the large ring of the Scaliger walls, you’ll soon reach the Renaissance Church of San Giorgio in Braida, easily recognizable thanks to the large round dome designed by Michele Sammicheli around 1530. The large, single-nave interior has a barrel-vaulted ceiling, and is flanked by superb sixteenth-century chapels.

There is a hugely important series of paintings from the 16th century, including the organ shutters by Gerolamo Romanino of Brescia, a Baptism of Christ by Tintoretto on the interior facade, as well as many other works from the same period.

On the high altar is the large Martyrdom of Saint George, featuring many characters and undoubtedly the finest work that Paolo Veronese left in the city of his birth.  

The crystal-clear light and the bright colors are typical of the central phase of the great painter’s activity.

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