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We know that it's impossible for us to tell you about every single wonder of the world alone. That's why we decided to open MyWoWo up to all those who want to give a voice to the beauty surrounding them.

You can contribute by adding information about the works of the cities that we've already published, or you can tell the world about the beauty of your home, even if it's not as well known as the world's famous capitals.

Follow us on this page and we'll show you how to upload text and audio files and photos that you want to show to people all around the world, thus becoming the influencer of your city's wonders.

Prepare a file with your text, an audio file and a photo in horizontal layout (no vertical photos, please) and the rest is a piece of cake...

We'll publish your audio files by placing them in the "SOCIAL" section of the MyWoWo App.

Watch the video tutorial that provides the guidelines and explains how to prepare the files and upload them on the website. It's simple and fun!

See you soon, and thank you for your valuable contribution!